About Us

Linx exists to Inspire Leadership, Instill Integrity, and Ignite Innovation.

Linx offers services in three areas: 1) Tourism, 2) English courses and conversational practice for local business professionals, and 3) Consulting, coaching and workshops in organizational, leadership, and personal development.


In the area of tourism, we bring foreign professionals to see, experience, and be inspired in Turkey. As a guest in Turkey with Linx, we desire not only that you see and experience Turkey, but that you return home with greater vision, passion and resources for your own professional context.


Linx has designed an English course with the local business professional in mind. Our classes emphasize personal attention, with a maximum of 5 persons per class. We offer personal consulting in general and business English, and those attending get more personalized attention with additional assistance in conversation and pronunciation. As a service to our community, Linx facilitates a free two hour conversation English group one evening every week.

Linx also offers liaison services for business professionals looking to improve their English and expand their vision and worldview in a Western context. Interested in spending 2-3 months immersed in an English-speaking environment? Please contact us with your inquiries into how Linx can help you to develop your English abroad.


Linx offers a variety of resources for businesses and organizations looking to increase productivity and effectiveness. Our qualified group of consultants and coaches will work with you and your business to help you reach your goals and grow in organizational, leadership, and personal effectiveness. Please contact us via our website or via info@linx.com.tr with inquires regarding developmental consulting, life-coaching, or The EQ Workshop.

If you are an international business professional, take time to browse our website, learn more about Turkey, and interact with us. If you are a local (TC) professional, please browse this site and please contact us via our website or via info@linx.com.tr to see how our services can develop you personally and increase your company's potential.

Connect with Linx and maximize your personal, professional, and relational development!

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